Traffic Group

The Traffic Group normally meets every month on the last Wednesday at 7pm in the Town Hall oin the Market Place. Agendas for future meetings and minutes of all meetings are available here.

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What is Traffic Group?

The Traffic Group has been set up as a result of the temporary changes made to the highway network in relation to Covid 19 in the summer of 2020.

It will also help to identify issues within Aylsham following the announcement that two new large developments are proposed in the Greater Norwich Local Plan.

Who sits on the Working Group?

The Group is open to both councillors and non-councillors

Aims and Objective

To review the movement of people and vehicles through and around Aylsham with a view to establishing a viable system for the whole of Aylsham for the future



To establish an environmentally sound traffic system in which pedestrians and vehicles co-exist in a safe and practical manner

Local Economy
To develop measures to support and sustain the local economy

To ensure the numerous heritage assets in the town are not further compromised by any changes suggested

Well Being
To design an environmentally friendly and safe space for people by reducing the carbon footprint of residents, businesses and visitors to the town, minimising non-renewable energy consumption and improving nature conservation and landscaping.


Traffic Survey 

In late 2021 the Town Council in conjunction with traffic consultants undertook a survey of residents regarding their views of the traffic issues in Aylsham. This survey will help form a Traffic Strategy for Aylsham.

Please find the results of the survey below - please note this report is 225 pages

Baseline Report