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Open Spaces

The Town Council is responsible for a range of open spaces in Aylsham, including the allotments, cemetery and play areas.


Located on the Norwich Road, Aylsham Cemetery is a traditional Victorian Cemetery lined by yew trees at the entrance. At the rear of the site is the newer area where burials take place and ashes can be laid. If you would like any information relating to burials or wish to reserve a plot please contact the office.

Useful documents and forms relating to the cemetery:

Cemetery rules

Revised Burial Fees and Charges – Effective from 1st April 2017

Application to reserve a grave space

Application for a new internment

Application for the re-opening of a grave (where exclusive right holder of burial space is able to sign)

Application for the re-opening of a grave (where the exclusive right holder of burial space is not able to sign)

For guidance on help with funeral costs.


The Town Council have three allotment sites Cromer Road, Bure Meadows, Woodgate. 

All allotments plots are taken at the moment but there is a waiting list.

To add your name to the list please contact


The Town Council is responsible for the Soame Pump which is located at the junction of Cawston Road and Penfold Street. In 2013 the Town Council replaced the roof which gave it a much needed facelift. The Town Council would like to thank Aylsham in Bloom for the colourful displays they provide at the site.

Play Areas and Open Spaces

Play Areas – we are responsible for the play areas in the Town (excluding the Recreation Ground). These are inspected weekly but please report to us any defects or vandalism that you may notice.

Public Toilets

It is the Town Council’s responsibility to look after the public toilets in the Market Place.  The toilets are open everyday from 7am to 7pm and are cleaned and checked on a daily basis.  If you notice a problem within the toilets please let us know as soon as possible.

Aylsham Cemetery
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