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Development on Norwich Road

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Development on Norwich Road

A planning application has been lodged with Broadland District Council to build

255 dwellings, 90-unit extra care/independent living scheme, land for community sustainable transport hub, vehicular accesses, landscaping, public open space and associated infrastructure

Full details are here on the Broadland website

The Town Council will be responding to this application in due course. The next Town Council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday February 1st 7pm. Instead of the usual monthly meeting this will be a one-topic meeting to allow greater participation by the public and then discussion and outline decision by the council. The areas for discussion and decision include:

· Affordable housing and numbers

· Open spaces and noise bunds

· Design

· Transport (including Footpaths) and Transport hub

· Climate Measures

· Other matters – i.e.bat surveys, flooding, sewage etc

All members of the public are welcome to attend and the Town Council welcomes the opportunity to hear your views.

We would also encourage you to send your views direct to Broadland District Council at or by post to

Development Management

Broadland District Council,

Thorpe Lodge,

1 Yarmouth Road,



Then on Thursday February 9th 7pm the full response will be presented and agreed to be sent off immediately after the meeting. (Although this date is past the requested date for responses it has been agreed by Broadland planners to allow this extension).

The final decision will be made by Broadland District Council at a future planning meeting (date not yet known).

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