Wednesday, 28 September 2022


Aylsham Town Hall


When Norwich-based writer and performer Natalie Songer began researching her family tree, she knew that one branch would lead to Arizona. Natalie has Dutch heritage, and she was aware that her Great-Uncle Tom’s interest in science and discovery had led him to pursue a career working at NASA on the Pioneer 10 space program.

But what she didn’t know was that Tom Gehrels had also worked for the Dutch resistance during the second World War. This information led her find out more about Tom’s younger brother Cor and to the shocking revelation that Cor had also been part of the resistance movement and subsequently died in a German concentration camp.

Over the past four years Natalie has travelled to America, Holland and Germany in search of the truth. She has gradually pieced together the jigsaw to create a gripping and moving theatre piece, Satellites,which tells her family story.

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Running time approx. 80 mins

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