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Apr 15, 2019

Town Council Elections 2019

Aylsham Town Council Elections 2019

Thursday May 2nd 2019


On the 2nd May the electors of Aylsham will have the opportunity to vote for the councillors on Aylsham Town Council. The role of a Town Councillor is to represent the views of the residents of the town on a variety of matters, mostly regarding the work of the Town Council but also how the town interacts with other levels of governance and other agencies.

There are 16 nominations for the 13 seats on the Town Council. Please find below details of the candidates standing


BENNETT, Joan April

I have lived in or very near Aylsham for nearly 40 years. My 2 sons were born here and went to local schools. For the last 20 years I have worked as Practice Manager at Aylsham Dental Practice in Red Lion Street.

As I near retirement, I would like to become more involved with the local community, and would enjoy the chance to help Aylsham continue to thrive. I volunteer at the ACT centre, and am interested in helping vulnerable people in the community. I think that all members of a community should be involved and included, old and young, able and less able, to live and work together to encourage a balanced and caring town.


BENNETT, Trevor John

Since joining Aylsham Town Council four years ago I have played an active role in a number of successful developments that have included the acquisition of the drill hall, the writing of the Neighbourhood Plan and a flourishing events programme. If I am elected, I would continue to work for the linking of the Town Council to the thriving community activities that exist in the town and use my experience of helping develop the Neighbourhood Plan to meet the challenge that will come from the potential development proposals in the Greater Norwich Local Plan.  Despite the changes that have happened in the 38 years I have lived in Aylsham, it has maintained both its unique character and its strong sense of community.  I feel the Neighbourhood Plan will play a major role in maintaining the strengths of the town, whilst helping it grow to meet the demands of all the people of the town.


CLARK-WARD, Rodney Brian

My name is Rodney Clark-Ward I’m 45 and I have a family, I used to be the joint owner of the Aylsham Lodge until we left in 2017 but with the help of the community we stayed in Aylsham. I’ve been a member of the on-call crew at the Aylsham Fire Station with Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service for just over 3 years and still loving it. I now work part-time in Cromer at the crematorium in what I feel is another rewarding job, I still look after the Aylsham community defibrillator as it was at the lodge but I moved it to outside the fire station. My main reason for becoming a town councillor is I still feel I have lots to give back to Aylsham community.



CURTIS, David Robin

I am Dave Curtis, I have lived in Aylsham since the early 1970s, my children were born and educated in Aylsham. I like to shop and socialise locally and support the diverse range of shops in town. I enjoy the local open spaces for walking, cycling and the tourist attractions.

I am a trustee of the Aylsham Older Peoples Association at the Friendship Hall, who provide meals on wheels and regular social recreation for the older Aylsham residents and a social club the ‘not’ so elderly who enjoy the organised outings.

I am standing as a non party affiliated town councilor for the third time. Over the two terms I have experienced a wide range of problems affecting the town and surrounding area. Aylsham like all Norfolk parishes will come under pressure to provide more housing. I believe Aylsham can thrive and remain a desirable place to live if local councils are involved with the planning process and residents views are listened too. I have been a member of the Neighborhood plan steering group, if the plan is agreed at a future local referendum, this could help to achieve this.



I take my role as Town Councillor seriously and have a 100% attendance record at Council Meetings. Having represented the Council on several occasions it is gratifying to see how much goodwill there is towards Aylsham and the work done by the Council.

I have over the past two years been closely involved in drawing up the town’s Neighbourhood Plan. This is a significant document that will influence the development of Aylsham for the next twenty years. Many residents have taken the opportunity of commenting on the Plan and in so doing have helped shape the future of the town.

The population of Aylsham has grown in recent years with the needs of newcomers and established residents being carefully considered by the Council. The provision of good services and facilities is vital and as a retired teacher I’m particularly interested in maintaining close contact with local schools.

My involvement with the Town Council has made me very aware of the crucial role played by local government and of my part within this structure. My aim is to continue to represent the needs of the town and the community.

Thank you for your support


HARRISON, David George

My wife and I have lived in Aylsham for the past 25 years and have two married daughters. I’m very proud of the town, and am a long-standing member of the Town Council, having joined it in 2002. I have been your District Councillor since 2004 and your County Councillor since 2007. At the County I have been a Cabinet member and also Deputy Leader. Being on all three councils gives me an overview which makes it easier to deal with any problems occurring in Aylsham. So I do have considerable experience of local government at all levels, and my particular interests and concerns are in health and education. Before becoming a councillor I was a research scientist working in the UK and overseas, a university lecturer and a local science teacher. For recreation I play table tennis in the Aylsham club and I swim whenever I can. My first novel, a thriller called the Research Man, has just been published.



I and my family moved to Aylsham in 1974 and have lived in the town since, both of our children attending the local schools. Following a career in the Water industry I formed and ran my own Company for 20 years fulfilling contracts through out the UK including working extensively in Northern Ireland and the middle east. I have been a town councillor since 2012 and Chairman of the Recreation Ground Committee over the past 3 years



My connection with Norfolk goes back to childhood attending Dilham Primary and Paston Grammar schools. Since then I considered Norfolk home. We bought our house in Aylsham 15 years ago, living here apart from a period working in Dubai. I work in the energy sector managing international operations and sales.

I was co-opted onto Aylsham council for several years before moving to Dubai. Upon return I was co-opted again, where I currently remain! I have sat on the Board of Governors of three schools, one for 4 ½ years with 2 ½ as chairman, overseeing facility upgrade and extending the education years through to A-levels involving setting up working groups and fund raising.

Giving something back and the desire to improve our own community for the good of all is the reason why I would like to be considered as one of your councillors. The constant bad press and reporting of how poor we are as a country, makes one forget the many positive aspects. Retaining all these, whilst striving to improve on the areas where it is so needed, is my motivation to stand as your councillor.

MILLS, Lloyd

With Aylsham growing and changing I think it is important we ensure that the features we all love are preserved. The wonderful buildings, the Market Place, Red Lion Street, Hungate, Millgate. At the same time we need to acknowledge changes and work to accommodate them. Traffic and parking are two obvious problems. I am proud to have been part of a hardworking team who have consulted widely to produce a Neighbourhood Plan that I believe will help us all to control the pressures a town the size of Aylsham faces. I feel we must ensure that the new estates are made to feel a part of our town, that we protect its communal spirit, and that it does not become a dormitory of Norwich. I have been proud to serve on the Council for the past five years and would love to be given the opportunity to continue to do so.


 OVERTON, Annette Mary

I am standing for election for a further term as Aylsham Town Councillor. I was Born and Bred in Aylsham, my daughters were educated locally and I have worked for a local Doctor’s Surgery for several years.

I hope to be Re-elected so I may continue to represent the interests of Aylsham and it’s local people.

Aylsham is a unique Market Town that has a lot to offer residents and visitors, we must continue to uphold these values under the pressures new developments will bring. I am also chairman of Aylsham Older People’s Association and a Trustee of the Friendship Hall, plus founder of the AOPA successful social club.

I have been honoured to stand on many committees and working parties including as Council Snap representative, and would like to continue as a Town Councillor.



Aylsham is a fast-growing town in danger of losing its historic and rural legacy to over development. It is also in danger of stagnating in a remodelled digital era.

So, having moved to the area in 1986 with my wife and two sons, I now feel it is time to try and influence how the town and its surrounding villages preserve a valued heritage while adapting to modern challenges.

I am a firm believer in “localism” and engaging citizens in decisions that affect them.

My professional background is in journalism, specifically local newspapers, where, for more than 45 years, I have been involved in regional matters, first in London, then on a provincial daily paper in Sheffield, 22 years with the Eastern Daily Press and latterly Just Aylsham.

I am involved in several community groups – Slow Food Aylsham (chair), which aims to promote and support local food producers and traders, the Cittaslow committee and on the Aylsham Business and Enterprise Forum – as well as participating with the Town Council in shaping the Aylsham Neighbourhood Plan and the Future High Streets Fund bid.


RACKHAM, Jonathan William

I am a local resident of Aylsham I wish to be considered because I am passionate about Aylsham, its history and it’s residents. I would like to have the opportunity to play a part in shaping the future of our town.

Aylsham is a thriving town with a great future and I am very proud to be a part of that. I am a disabled person who has Autism/ Asperger’s. I pride myself as an “Independent Advocate” and to offer support to the residents and families of Aylsham. I hope to provide empowerment for all and to be able to influence the future of our town.

As a member of Aylsham Rotary I am proud to provide a service to the Aylsham community. I have been actively involved with a variety of events through the Rotary and I feel rewarded by being able make a positive difference to the lives of others.

I am the Equality and Diversity Officer of Broadland Constituency Labour Party and a member of the Executive Committee working with other officers to ensure that barriers to involvement and participation are overcome.

SHAW, Valerie Ann

Since becoming a member of the Aylsham Town Council eleven years ago, I have been very closely involved in all aspects of the work of the Council, including membership of the Cittaslow, Community Events, Properties, Churchyard and Staffing Committees, the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group and Council representative on the Heritage Centre Management Committee. I am also Scrutineer of the Council’s finances to ensure accuracy and correct presentation to the Independent Auditor.

Having been employed in Local Government for most of my working life, I have gained considerable experience and knowledge to enable me to make a positive contribution to the wide-ranging work of the Council. Latterly I have been employed by Norfolk County Council Governor Services, working with schools locally and throughout Norfolk, and have also been a school governor, a youth worker, and have a close relationship with the Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind and Aylsham Blind Club.

I have lived in Aylsham for over forty years and believe that it is a considerable privilege to serve the people of this unique and historical market town as a member of the Town Council, to which I hope to be re-elected on the 2nd May.


SPRINGALL, Eileen Edith

I have lived in Aylsham for forty five years after having spent the first six years of married life in Zambia. Our three children were all educated here. On returning to work I spent six years at The Market Place Surgery before moving to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. My last ten years prior to retirement were spent at the Aylsham Vets. I am currently a Trustee of The Aylsham and District Care Trust. This is my fifteenth year as an Aylsham Town Councillor, time I have very much enjoyed. It would be a pleasure and an honour to be selected once again to help shape Aylsham’s present and future.



My name is Barbie White, formerly Sweetzer, and I am very privileged to live and work in this wonderful community of Aylsham as a Complementary Health Care Practitioner based in the town. It’s a profession I came to later in life, having previously been in management, and I love that I get to meet incredible families who reside here. I’m also proud to contribute to Aylsham’s local economy.

My connection to the town spans more than 20 years due to my, now grown up, children attending Aylsham High School while we were stationed at RAF Coltishall. It was there I was awarded an AOC’s Commendation for help given to support families during events in the Gulf War. In addition to this I have always taken an active part in my local community either through volunteering at various community groups, fundraising or campaigning for recognition of local issues.

I would like to be part of the excellent work taking place that ensures that Aylsham continues to be a fantastic community for all residents, visitors and its local businesses.

WHITE, Steve

I am Steve White and have lived in Aylsham for 5 years and worked here for 15 years. I was co-opted on to the town council approximately 3 years ago and would love to continue.

I work in local government specialising in highways although I have now reduced my working week to 3 days which will enable me to give more time to the town council when needed. As part of the current TC I have also worked on various sub-committees, such as Christmas Lights. I also try to attend the local SNAP meetings when I can.

Recently I joined the Aylsham Twinning Society and I am looking forward to participating in future events.

I believe that if elected it is my duty to represent the people of Aylsham and their views. We also need to support the local shops and businesses, plus encourage more to the town and area.

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