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I have lived in Aylsham since 1981. Until I retired I was an Assistant Principal of Reepham High School, where I taught history. For some years I was involved in the community, where I managed boys’ football teams in Aylsham and worked with other parents at the old Aylsham Middle School. As my job grew more demanding the contribution I made to the community did lessen, but with retirement I now find I have more time to help contribute fully to the community of Aylsham.

I feel that I have the expertise to be able to help with many of the infrastructure challenges that Aylsham faces as it grows in size and the listening skills to work with all members of the community in meeting those challanges.


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Though not Norfolk born, Aylsham has been at the centre of my life for over 30 years. You can get nearly everything you need in our town where there is a good variety of shops and markets, services and a friendly library.

My family has attended the local schools, sports facilities and clubs. We look to the local doctors and dentists and residential homes for our care.  It is a good place to live and must adapt sympathetically and effectively to welcome and sustain the growing population without losing its special identity.

I have worked in Aylsham and for a number of years for Aylsham Town Council and have some understanding of the role, responsibility and commitment required of a local councillor. I would be willing to give my time and energy to this position should the electorate be minded to elect me



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I am Dave Curtis, I have lived in Aylsham since 1974. I have two grown children who attended Aylsham schools. I first became a town councillor in 2001 and served for five years but could not continue due to work commitments. I am now retired so can give more time to Aylsham as a councillor. I live on the Greenlanes estate and enjoy walking and cycling around the lovely open spaces that Aylsham has to offer.

I am standing for election to Aylsham Town Council as a non-politically affiliated resident, I believe the unique character of the town should be preserved but allowed to adapt to the modern times. The infrastructure of the town and surrounding area should be improved BEFORE any more housing is forced upon us by central government, that means better sewers and utilities, schools and health centres plus improved transport links to Norwich, Cromer and North Walsham.


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Mary is the newest member of the Town Council


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David has been a District Councillor for Aylsham for 9 years and a County Councillor for 7. He has a huge experience in local government. He was a teacher and is committed to improving educational standards in Norfolk.



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Barry is currently chairman of the Recreation Ground Committee.

MACKIE, William

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OVERTON, Annette

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I am standing for Election for another term as a Town Councillor. I was Born and Bred in Aylsham and have worked for a local Doctor’s Surgery for several years.

I hope to be Re-elected so I may continue to represent the interests of Aylsham and it’s Residents.

Aylsham is a unique Market Town that has a lot to offer local people and visitors with close links to Norwich.



SHAW, Valerie

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Since becoming a member of Aylsham Town Council just over eight years ago, I have been very closely involved in all aspects of the work of the Council, including representing the Council on the Cittàslow Aylsham committee and the Cittàslow Community events Committee. In addition I have been appointed to a number of working groups specifically set up by the Council to consider in detail such matters as the Effectiveness of Internal Control, Neighbourhood Planning in conjunction with Broadland District Council, the New Homes Bonus Scheme, Town Hall Staffing and the Town Hall. I also act on behalf of the Council as Scrutineer of the Council’s finances to ensure that they are accurate and properly prepared for presentation to the Independent auditor.

Having been employed in Local government for most of my working life, I feel that I have gained considerable experience and knowledge to enable me to make a positive contribution to the work of the Town council. Currently, I am employed part-time by Governor Services in the Norfolk County Council Children’s Department, which involves working closely with schools, both in the Aylsham area, Norwich and further afield.

I have resided in Aylsham for over thirty-five years and feel that it is a considerable privilege to serve this beautiful and progressive market town as a member of the Town council.



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I have lived in Aylsham for forty two years, having moved from Zambia with my husband and two of our three children, our youngest child being born here. All three of our children were educated at Aylsham schools. I have worked at one of the doctors’ surgeries and the local vets. I have been a councillor for just over ten years and during that time have had the honour of being the Town Chairman for four years. I am also the Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors at Aylsham High School. I would like to be re- elected to Aylsham Town Council in order that I can continue to help and support both the existing residents and the new comers who will shortly be joining our community.



WHITE, Steve

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