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Company Registration No: 4873541 – Registered Charity No: 1099931 – Registered Office: 8 Royson Way, Hurn Road, Dereham NR19 1WD – VAT Registration No: 787 0465 93, Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (710352). Current Kickstart partners/funders include: European Social Fund and the Big Lottery Fund, Jobcentre Plus, Norfolk County Council, North Norfolk District Council, South Norfolk Council, Seetec.



8 Royson Way, Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 1WD


tel: 01362 699923 fax: 01362 692789

web: www.kickstartmopeds.org.uk

Charity number: 1099931

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­INTRODUCTION –

The aim of this document is to give the reader an overview of the funding opportunities Kickstart Norfolk can potentially provide service users.

Our charity understands that a clients’ needs are best met by having access to a strong and diverse network of experts, and over the years we have forged excellent working relationships with many organisations, foundations and trusts. We are pleased to state that new working relationships continue to be forged and existing ones are going from strength to strength and this is enabling individuals to move forward with their lives and many are utilising the service and funding we are able to offer to release their potential.


As a charity, Kickstart Norfolk continues to research and apply for funding to ensure the cost of our moped schemes is kept to a minimum and our Board meet on a quarterly basis to review this. Unfortunately, funding is not always available and therefore, it can be left to individuals to self-fund the moped scheme unless an organisation, foundation, or trust will support them. Provided in this document are the details of potential funding opportunities the Kickstart Charity currently has available to service users; some of this funding has been secured via recent contracts, other funding is in place via an agreement with Jobcentre Plus. The individual rider must meet certain criteria and all funding is subject to change.

This document also provides details and a breakdown of all the costs. The Kickstart Charity will work with riders to ensure where possible a payment plan is put in place to keep the initial costs to a minimum.


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