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The Greater Norwich Local Plan is the blueprint for development in the districts of South Norfolk, Norwich City and importantly for Aylsham Broadland District Council.

This version of the plan shows two developments proposed for Aylsham which is in direct contradiction with the plans that were consulted on in 2020.

The Town Council are objecting to the plan at this stage as they do not believe that the GNLP followed the correct process in consulting with the residents of Aylsham on this large change. The Town Council also do not feel the issues with regard to inadequate infrastructure have been addressed in the plan.

Please see the links below for relevant documents:

Full details of the plan

Aylsham Booklet


The consultation is open until March 15th. Please e-mail your views via the consultation form

This is the Town Councils Response 

Here are details relating to the main issues 


Extract from the GNLP site

How you can make comments

There are two ways you can make comments on this plan – by submitting them online, or in writing. Ideally, please submit your comments to us online at www.gnlp.org.uk. However, written responses can also be made on a response form, which you can request by phoning us on 01603 306603, emailing gnlp@norfolk.gov.uk or downloading the form from the downloadable documents tab. We will submit all comments to the Planning Inspectorate with the plan in July 2021.

Please note that comments must be sent to us between 09.00 on 1st February and 17.00 (5 p.m.) on 22 March 2021.

Please also note that comments will be available publicly.