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Jan 30, 2020

Greater Norwich Local Plan

Greater Norwich Local Plan


The Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP) is being produced by Broadland District Council, Norwich City Council, South Norfolk District Council together with Norfolk County Council. The plans aim is to help meet local housing and economic growth needs whilst also having consideration for the environment and will last until 2038.

The plan looks to deliver housing as per government targets for the area, currently 44,500 new homes for the period 2018 to 2038.

Of this 44,500, sites for nearly 37,000 houses have already been identified – and many already built. This plan identifies sites for the remaining nearly 8,000 homes deemed necessary.

The GNLP issued a ‘call for sites’ two years ago. This means they asked local landowners if they had any land they were willing to put forward for development. Seven sites were put forward in Aylsham and these have now been reviewed. Of these seven sites two were rejected. Two were considered suitable alternative sites and three were amalgamated together to form one preferred site for the additional 300 dwellings the GNLP board has proposed is suitable for Aylsham.

This does not mean that 300 new homes have been agreed but if a developer comes forward wishing to build on this site then it is proposed that it is deemed as suitable, however, the proposed buildings may not be and may also not meet the criteria of the Aylsham Neighbourhood Plan.

This is what the consultation is about i.e. the principle of building rather that the fact of building.

On Tuesday February 11th a consultation roadshow will be held in Aylsham Town Hall from 2pm-8pm. This is an opportunity for the public to view the plan and maps and speak to GNLP representatives before making any comments on the proposals. Comments should give valid reasons for objecting or supporting the proposals.

You can find further information and make comments online at www.gnlp.org.uk.


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