Aylsham Town Council

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On this page are the various forms of assistance based in the Aylsham area and also action being taken by Aylsham Town Council.

The main assistance is via the Community Helpline. This is a joint venture set up by Aylsham Church, Aylsham Cre Trust and

Aylsham Town Council. As of the 31st March it had received nearly 200 calls and has helped in a range of issues. The number

of calls is likely to increase as the situation goes on so please be patient with us.






The other great source of help and information is the Facebook page Aylsham Community Assistance During Coronavirus Pandemic

On this page you will find offers of help, details of home deliveries, help with education and much more.


Aylsham Town Council

The Council has followed all government advice and unfortunately this has led to the closure of the public toilets and also the closure of play equipment in the various play areas around the town. As soon as we are able to we will re-open these. In the meantime the Town Council would ask you to respect the reason for the closures and not use the equipment. The Smile Park at the Recreation Ground has been padlocked but other areas either have no fence or a fence too low to effectively seal off.

The Town Hall and the Drill Hall are also closed to the public at the moment but shortly the Town Hall will be used as a distribution centre for the 1.5m advised to ‘sheild’ themselves.

The cemetery is also closed to the public apart from funerals and access for the allotments.

The allotments and open spaces  are all still open at the moment but we would ask residents to follow the government guidelines when accesing any of these areas.

Finally and moving away from Covid 19 the Cittaslow Committee of the Town Council have recently been working on a document regarding the future of Aylsham.  This document – Aylsham Shaping The Future is an initial idea/concept. Not everything will be to everyones liking but we are launching it as a discussion piece. Please take a look at it and let us have your initial comments. Originally the plan was to launch this at the Town Annual Meeting and also set aside a consultation day in the early summer where items in the document could be discussed and explained. In view of everything at the moment not sure when this will happen but as you may currently have time on your hand please take this opportunity to take an initial look