Aylsham Town Council

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Aylsham Antiques and collectors Fair

Aylsham Town Council Community Events committee organize the collectors fairs held on a Monday Morning in the Town Hall.  Entrance is by donation, the money received is split between the events committee and 2 charity groups.  Refreshments are available including a selection of sandwiches and salads.

If you are interested in having a stall or would like further information on these events,  please contact the Town Council office.

Dates for 2018 :

5th March 2018 (limited refreshments)

19th March 2018(limited refreshments)

9th April 2018

23rd April 2018

14th May 2018

4th June 2018

18th June 2018

2nd July 2018

16th July 2018

30th July 2018

6th August 2018

20th August 2018

3rd September 2018

17th September 2018

1st October 2018

15th October 2018

29th October 2018

12th November 2018

26th November 2018

18th December 2018