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18Dec 2020
Dec 18, 2020

Broadland Community at Heart Awards

A message from Broadland District Council:

We are aware it’s been a difficult time for charities this year with regards to fundraising for your good causes. To help support our charities, we have launched the Broadland Community at Heart Lottery. The lottery tickets sell for £1 each with 60% going towards the charity/good cause and the other 40% going towards the prize money. The supporter will be able to choose which good cause they want their ticket money to go towards. There will be a weekly draw with a jackpot of £25,000.

We are looking for Broadland-based clubs, non-profit associations or charities looking for a reliable free ways to raise funds. The first tickets go on sale on 12 January with the first draw taking place on 27 February. If you would like to register your charity or good cause the email jransome@s-norfolk.gov.uk with your details.

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